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DEF: To consider (something) repeatedly and from different angles.


DEF: To gradually change and develop over a period of time.

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We cultivate the space and skills needed to make respect and inclusion a reality.

We believe that everyone plays a role in creating healthier, safer, more inclusive environments. Through engaging dialogue, thought-provoking interactions, and tools for sustainable change, (R)EVOLVE works with you to motivate, inspire, and prepare your team to build a strong, compassionate community ready to realize your organization’s vision.


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There’s a lot to think about in today’s world. (R)EVOLVE provides the foundations needed to improve cross-cultural communication and create truly inclusive environments. We focus on skill-building, proactive strategies for change, and our proprietary identity development model to inspire the courage and determination required to build cohesive and powerful workspaces.  We make what is often perceived as challenging and taboo, manageable.



Creating inclusive spaces requires a variety of tools.  We provide:

  • Interactive workshops, trainings, and keynotes

  • Off-the-shelf curriculum

  • Customized curriculum design

  • Online training/workshops

  • Consultation and strategic planning


Industries with whom we work

K-12, colleges/universities, non-profits, government agencies, coalitions, & private industry.

Please stand by, more to come soon.


Let us help

Revolve offers the tools you need to accomplish your inclusion, leadership, and communication goals. Contact us today to help impact the way people show up.


Who We Are

Janelle williams melendrez, M.S.

Janelle Williams Melendrez has conducted anti-bias, inter\intra-group relations building, unconscious bias, cultural proficiency, and team building training with thousands of participants. Over the span of more than two decades, she has facilitated workshops to participants from college and university settings, K-12 institutions, community organizations, non-profit groups, social service agencies, and law enforcement professionals. Ms. Williams Melendrez has a Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis in multiculturalism and cross-cultural education.  Ms. Williams Melendrez currently serves as the Acting Executive Director of Employee Equity, Inclusion, and Professional Development at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. She is a respected educator, professional developer, and conference speaker.


Jeffrey S. Bucholtz, M.A.

Jeffrey S. Bucholtz, M.A. is director of We End Violence, a violence prevention social business.  For 4 years Jeff served as president of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council, a collaborative body designed to increase cross-sector prevention and response efforts around domestic violence. For the past 17 years, Jeff has worked as an activist, organizer, and public speaker, providing consultation, presentations, and performances in the fields of sexual violence, masculinity, stereotypes/bias, relationship violence, gender normativity, pop culture, violence prevention, diversity & inclusion, stalking, bullying, working in alliances, feminist thought, collaboration, and the intersectionality of oppression.  Jeff is an award winning adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College and teaches courses on Violence Against Women and Popular Culture and Identity at San Diego State University.